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The Dirty Soles blog is for anyone who loves being barefoot and is interested in the embracing the barefooter lifestyle. Barefooters are people who choose to live permanently without wearing shoes. This is a safe, energizing and healthy lifestyle that sadly has a lot of negative misinformation associated with it. Here on the DS we do what we can to FIGHT that negativity. Another thing we're here to fight is misogyny and shaming of all types. Any social network tag search for the words #dirtyfeet or #barefoot and you'll find tons of creepshots taken of people who are barefoot in public, this is done to shame and ridicule them and most of the victims of this harassment are female. The DS is wants to change that by focusing primarily positive images of female barefooters and showing natural beauty at its most unhindered. If you like seeing images of low maintenance carefree girls, that feel no shame for being themselves and feel pride in getting their soles black with dirt, as evidence of being alive. Then this is the blog for you. - LASTLY - THIS IS NOT - I repeat NOT intended to be a sexual foot fetish blog. All those who seek to harass our followers in pursuit of those interests WILL BE BANNED and Flagged for harassment.

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